No Self Doubt Allowed

Getting a Job: Now & Later

Hey, here’s a neat article about what’s next for the Stanford class of 2014! Oh, what’s that? You’re part of the tiny demographic known as “People Who Didn’t Go To Stanford.” Weird! Well then, take a look at this New York Times article about Brooklyn College graduates. Didn’t go there either? Too bad! This is all you get!

Now, a lot of these numbers and stories can be depressing, but bear with me. The reason I’m posting this stuff is two-fold.

First, if you’re a recent college graduate who’s struggling to find a new job, YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Even graduates of a place like Stanford are having a hard time in this market. Does knowing that make the process easier for you? No. But hopefully it will bolster you to keep your spirits up, because if there’s one thing that really slows down a process like the job search, it’s self-doubt. So, take a look at these articles and rest assured, the problem isn’t you.

Second, if you’re not graduating college yet, start your job search now. Start seeing what you need to get the kind of first job you want. Look into internships. Volunteer. Don’t just put the whole process off until later. Do SOMETHING even if it’s just research… or daydreaming. Any amount of thought is better than no thought at all.

So, go ahead: read up, chin up, start up (early).

photo by Flickr user, used under a Creative Commons License.

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