The Weak Ties in Your Network

A post with the title The best way to get hired is to be referred by an employee! But how do you get referrals?, by Karl Liechty, mentions the importance of building out ones social and professional network by connecting with people that have ‘weak ties’ to you or vice versa.  I made this the issue in a prior post and I will continue to bring up related discussions and points of view again here because strengthening a weak tie is the very thing that can not only extend your network but make it evermore robust.  I further submit that your opportunities for developing mentors and valuable referrals will also grow. It then follows that finding a position that you truly want will also improve because you may have finally connected with someone ‘in company’ that can get your resume walked into HR and onto the short stack, the one that gets read.

You may already be engaged in more than a few of the practices that are encouraged in the article by Liechty but it never hurts to get a little affirmation and encouragement to help keep you on your tack.

We always welcome your comments or narrative about your experiences so let us know what’s happening with you.

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