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Measuring Your Job Confidence (and Gender?) Gap

A few weeks ago I came across an article by Max Nisen in Quartz with the headline ‘Job requirements are mostly fiction and you should ignore them‘ so, of course, I had to read it. He offers insight into some of what’s really between the words of a job’s requirements, for instance:

Hiring managers get overexcited and list too many things, even though only a few parts of the description are truly core. But the term “requirement” gets read very literally, and scares people off from jobs they could well get.

Reading it should restore the will and confidence of some of you job seekers out there (and I’m calling out the ladies here) to go after a job posting that you might take a pass on, otherwise.

When professionals were asked why they didn’t apply for jobs they felt unqualified for, in a survey written up this week at the Harvard Business Review, few said they felt they couldn’t do the job well. The reasons had more to do with our propensity to take intimidating job postings at face value. In other words, the problem isn’t a lack of confidence, but a lack of information about how the hiring process really works.

While the article sends an encouraging message to the reader it is also realistic about the chill of rejection. So I really liked how it ends with some actionable, common sense, advice to reach out to ones own network to try to get some additional insight or perspective before sending in your credentials.

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