College Career Services is a Buzz Kill, Really.

And my title’s assertion seems to be supported by Ben Carpenter’s Op-Ed wherein he notes that Millennial Branding‘s survey found that 61% of over 4,000 college students thought their school’s career services was unhelpful in helping them into a first job.

But Carpenter doesn’t call out career services as a failed endeavor in his piece. Instead, he is using this bit of data as a call-to-action for colleges and universities – to start rethinking and refreshing their curriculum and courses – to prepare their graduates beyond the 3-Rs of education (remember them?).

He admits that his college experience didn’t include much career training but, then again, no one else’s did either. Career paths, when I was in school, were well marked and nearly always started with graduating from high school, entering college, graduating from college, sending out a few resumes and then getting a job because there were more jobs than there were college grads. But that path has long been paved over by a globally competitive superhighway and college students need to get educated on how to get on it and stay on it, for life.

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