Networking is a contact sport.

Building Your [Net]Work Muscle

A little over a year ago, a 225AM guest blogger shared his personal insight and strategy here for not only successfully landing a summer internship in a tech company of his choice but also growing and  lengthening his network reach toward a career as an entrepreneur in technology. Many of John’s ideas seemed homespun at first read but it really just boiled down to adopting the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method which yielded the desired result – the internship – or at the very worst, not spending a lot of his personal time capital should his efforts prove unsuccessful.

The other component to network success is consistency and perseverance in continually extending the range of your professional network. To that end, I thought it would be valuable to share 13 great networking tips from Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder of Human Workplace. You may find that you already are doing some of what she offers but that’s just an affirmation of your approach. Nothing bad there. Or, it may raise awareness about yourself that will move you a little further in your career network development. Nothing bad there either! So, whether you’re getting affirmation, awareness or advice when you check out her post, the most important thing is — read it.

(photo by Flickr user jairoagua used under a Creative Commons License.)

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