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STEM: It’s Where It’$ At

The college I went to didn’t have any required coursework. Sure, some classes had pre-requisites, some classes required a writing sample, and each student had a committee of faculty members who gently guided him or her towards studying certain things, but for the most part, it was open season. Knowing that, you might be surprised to learn that I, a creative writing student, voluntarily took several math classes. Why? Because they were fun.

That’s right, fun. After all the touchy-feely stuff, it gave me a certain thrill to learn formulas and solve equations. They were like puzzles. I didn’t have to create anything out of thin air. The answers were out there; I just had to use my brain to figure them out.

And you know what, I’m glad I did. And not just because it provided a nice foil to my other coursework. As it turns out, those classes are going to make me FILTHY RICH. Just kidding. But seriously, according to this article on Quartz, STEM classes (meaning classes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) help build skills you need to succeed in just about any career field.

Now, the article talks a bit about majoring in STEM, but for many of you, that might not be an option you can or want to pursue. Still, if you at least still have a chance to take classes in a STEM field, DO IT. It’ll help your brain and show prospective employers your willingness to embrace some of the most cerebral problem-solving methods there are.

And if you are a majoring in a STEM field, congratulations. You’re going to be a billionaire! Just remember the little people who got you there… like us. You can make the check out to 2:25AM. Thanks!

A little too forward there? Sorry. Anyway, give the article a read and give STEM some consideration next time you’re signing up for classes!

(photo by Flickr user Dustin Moore used under a Creative Commons License.)

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