LinkedIn: Make It Quick!


We share a lot of articles about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile here because LinkedIn is a super important part of networking and networking is a super important part of getting a job. The problem with a lot of those articles: they make it sound TOO pain-staking and time-taking. Like, in order to get a job, you need to be working on your LinkedIn profile CONSTANTLY!

That’s why this post from The Savvy Intern is so refreshing; in it, author Wayne Breitbarth outlines what he calls a “20 minute appointment”: a series of simple, yet critically necessary, updating activities on your LinkedIn profile, each one with a short amount of time devoted to it.

No, these times aren’t necessarily set in stone. Breitbarth is really just trying to show how quick it can be to engage with your content and profile on LinkedIn. But I think it would be cool to actually take a stopwatch and go through each section. Why? Because three or six minutes probably sounds really short, like you’d never be able to update anything meaningful in that time, but in truth, there’s plenty you can do.

So go ahead. Open the article, and grab a stop watch (or just use your phone). It might seem silly, but it also might demonstrate just how easy (or at least quick) networking can be!

Photo by Tim Walker (Creative Commons)

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