The (nearly) Perfect Resume

Limit Your Resume to one pageTo follow up on our post from last week, and the one from the week before that, guess what we’re talking about today? That’s right: resumes again! This time, we’re looking at Phil Marks’s post on LinkedIn, How To Write The Nearly Perfect Resume.

So what’s different about his take that it warrants its own post? It’s specific, that’s what. The other two posts we shared, while very helpful, we’re a bit on the touchy-feely side. Marks, meanwhile, provides more pointed advice, going so far, in fact, as to give word counts for a variety of key resume sections.

Of course, you need to take all of this with a grain of salt. There are no hard and fast rules to resume writing. Marks himself acknowledges this, pointing out that the title is “how to write the nearly perfect resume,” not just, “how to write the perfect resume.” Depending on what position you apply to, you might need to break a few rules or adhere to others that aren’t written here.

But sometimes, when you’re not sure where to start, specific instructions can help you do just that. Also, if you’re not having any luck with the resume you’re using, Marks’s post provides something to check your work against. Maybe you’re being too long-winded, or maybe you’re not being long-winded enough.

So take a look at what he has to say and get started crafting your own almost perfect resume today!

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