Your Resume: Tailor it Up

James Caan writes in his post on LinkedIn:

Hiring managers do not want somebody that simply wants a job – they want somebody who wants to work for them.

That’s you. Potential employers need some proof that you’ve “got it.” They need specific evidence that you’ll be able to handle a full-time job. In the initial steps of the get-a-job process, there’s no place but your résumé to show that you have the necessary skills for the job.

This seems simple enough, but in the stress haze of applying for job after job after job, it’s easy to forget. These people know you are likely not applying just to their open position. But they want to see evidence that you’re interested in more than the job title. And in order to get this across, as Caan insists, you need to tailor your résumé a little bit for each position you apply to.

Now, this is an important thing for everyone to do, but it’s mega important for new college graduates. Why? Because, you haven’t done much yet. It’s like getting your driver’s license. When you move states and need a new one, all you need to do is show your old one, maybe do a written test at most. You’ve proven you know how to operate an automobile safely enough in Iowa, so you should be fine enough in Illinois. When you’re just starting out, on the other hand, someone needs to see you behind the wheel.

So read over what Caan has to say, watch his video, and make sure that every résumé you send out is specialized for the job it’s going to!

(photo by Flickr user Billy Brown used under a Creative Commons License.)

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