Fresh Ideas

If you’re smart you’ll read this before your first day on the job.

When a guy starts out an article by immediately pointing out that he went to Harvard, I think, Oh man, I’m going to hate this. But then when he goes on to use this fact for the purpose of maximum self-deprecation, I can’t help but be pulled in. This is what happened with Tom Monahan’s LinkedIn post, If I Were 22: Embrace Your Ignorance.

The message here: you’re not as smart as you think you are when you’re 22 years old – and trust me, that’s true. Looking back on some of the “hilarious” and “ingenious” things I said and did in college or immediately following, I feel nothing but shame. But Monahan’s point is not to knock you down a peg. It’s to give a valuable piece of advice: use this time to learn.

You might think you know the best answer, or you might think it’s important to put forward all of your ideas but try to curb your enthusiasm.  The new kid might wind up learning a lot more by listening and by paying attention.  You might appear even smarter in silence.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the article. It’s really funny and chock-full of great advice.

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