LinkedIn Through The Ages

Yeesh. How long has it been since we’ve posted something about how important it is to keep your LinkedIn profile updated and relevant? A week? Two weeks? No wonder I’ve had these withdrawal headaches!


Luckily for me (and you), Nathan Egan is here to help with his article Leveraging LinkedIn in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond. In it, he outlines tips and strategies for LinkedIn users at varying stages in their lives. The part that’ll be most relevant to you will probably be the section for 20-somethings who are just getting started. The gist there: be direct, be thorough, and be sure everything is in tip-top shape.

But there are pieces from the other sections that also might be of interest. For example, in the 30s section, Egan says you should connect with your co-workers even if it seems unnecessary because you never know if your paths will split. The same could be said for classmates. Sure, it might seem silly to connect on LinkedIn today, when you’re bumping into each other in class and around campus, but seven years from now, when you’re working in the same field, you’ll be happy you did. Another point of interest: Egan’s advice recommending good people for jobs you see open. Will it mean more when you’re a seasoned professional in your 40s with a truckload of clout? Of course. But if you’ve got the ear of someone who’s hiring and you know someone who’d make a great candidate, there’s no harm in passing him or her along. It could work out great for the connection and the company hiring, therefore bolstering YOUR relationship with both!

So anyway, give it a read and see what you can use now. Then, keep the article bookmarked so you can use the rest of it as it becomes relevant to you as a professional. Although, 20 years from now, we might not have bookmarks. We’ll probably have virtual e-laser holographic data lockers. Man, the future is going to be so awesome!

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