Introducing Your Job-Search Self

Introducing Your Job-Search SelfWe’ve talked a little bit about the LinkedIn’s improved “who’s looked at my profile” feature. But what do you do with the people you find there. Like, for example, what do you do when, OMG, a recruiter looks at your profile?!? It’s thrilling, right? Almost like learning that the person sending you secret admirer notes is the quarterback or the captain of the cheerleading squad. Except there’s one small difference: they haven’t sent you anything. They’ve just looked. So the question is, do you reach out to them, and if you do, what do you say? Donna Svei has you covered on this front. And I totally agree with her on all counts.

First off, if it’s someone you know who’s looked at your profile, you can reach out and affirm your continued interest in professional growth that a new job opportunity will provide. A strong connection looking to fill a position that you’d be suited for is significantly easier to approach. You won’t, however, want to push the issue and come across desperate. But if it’s not someone you know, why not drop ’em a line? A thoughtful and respectfully worded invitation to connect will express your interest, and might just help you extend and build a stronger network if not land an interview.

That’s how I see it at least. But check out what Donna has to say and then head over to LinkedIn and take a gander at who’s gandered at you!

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