One-Size-Fits-All Interview Questions

I’ve talked a bunch about why it’s important to come up with good questions for your interviewer. Obviously, you want the questions to be specific to the position for which you’re interviewing. That means you need to do your research beforehand, but even then it can be like going through your change jar on laundry day; it takes time to pick through everything and every now and then you’re gonna mistake a nickel (something unimportant) for a quarter (something really essential).

225AM Thought Cloud
Thought Cloud of questions that you need to have prepared before your interview.

So yes, you should come up with good custom-built questions beforehand, but you should also be ready to scrap those questions if the interview takes a turn you didn’t expect which, in turn, may lead you a bit off your course; that’s why you need to know a few of the core questions that are, arguably, always essential.

These questions from Donna Fuscaldo serve that purpose perfectly. They’re not generic; they’re one-size-fits-all. They’re questions that yield important answers for any position in any company. They won’t show all of the great research you’ve done about the company or job in question, but they’ll not only give you some valuable information but also earn you a couple  of minutes to get your thoughts back in order too.

So read ‘em over and stash ‘em away. They could save you some day.

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