LinkedIn: Communication Should Be Easy

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.08.50 PMThere are a few basic rules on the Internet. Never paste into a rich text box directly from Microsoft Word. Cultivate a productive hatred of all online job application programs. Don’t take click-bait blog posts too seriously. And sending a real email always works better than using website-based messaging systems.

If someone sees you on LinkedIn and wants to reach out, he or she should feel fairly confident that the message will get to you. Introducing a secondary system, like InMail, does not inspire much confidence. Do you have it set up to email you when you receive messages? And even if you do, how do senders know it won’t go straight to your spam folder? Do you even want to be contacted? When you don’t list your contact information, it looks like you’re not interested in hearing from anyone, and if you look like you’re not interested in hearing from anyone, you could miss out on all sorts of potential opportunities.

That’s why Donna Svei of AvidCareerist, recommends you put your contact information not one, not two, but three different places on your LinkedIn profile. That way, there will be no doubt about how to get in touch with you regardless of whether or not someone chooses to click on the little Contact Info tab under your job title (for the record, I didn’t even notice this existed).

So, read her tips and update your LinkedIn profile to allow for maximum coverage on the communication front. Reach out in both directions.

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