LinkedIn: Who’s Been Looking At You?

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.08.50 PMHave you been to LinkedIn recently? If not, you should! There’s some really exciting stuff there that might help you get a job! For example, that one guy you knew from summer camp when you were 13 endorsed you for “Social Marketing Strategy” and “Risk Assessment.” That should be enough for you to nab that job as an illustrator that you’ve always wanted!

Okay, I’m kidding, but there is some pretty cool new data that you might take advantage of. This article on Fast Company by Drake Baer explains more about what’s hiding in the recently redesigned “Who’s viewed my profile” tab.

The gist: no longer will you get a number and a limited list of names. Instead, you’ll get really valuable data, like how these people found your profile, what these people do, where these people work – all organized in easy-to-read graphics. What this can provide is a more accurate answer to the question you’re actually curious about: why did these people view your profile?

If you can infer why, then you can figure out if they’re hiring role or just curious. This can dictate your next step: do you send a message to them and apply to an open position at their company? Or do you just reach out and connect?

Either way, LinkedIn now provides some very, very valuable data that you can use in your job search, and trust me when I say that we LOVE data here at 2:25AM. So read Drake Baer’s article (which includes some key insights from Udi Milo, the product lead on the redesign), and check out who’s been looking at you.

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