Planning: We Can Help

Logo-RGB_hiresYou don’t get too far into Amy-Louise Goldberg’s article on FastCompany, 6 Tips For Managing Job Search Stress, before you find yourself in “easier said than done” territory. Don’t get me wrong, this is a really helpful article with a lot of great tips. It’s just the curse of every advice article (ours included): typing words is easier than setting plans in motion. If that weren’t the case, no one would ever have to give any advice because everything would be so easy.

Just look at the first header, “Planning,” for example. Amy-Louise advises that you estimate how long and what kind of connections it would take to get a job offer and then go about tracking all of the work you put into this process. I love this advice, but the only problem is that doing all this stuff – keeping track of every correspondence, every cover letter, every resume, every meeting – is hard work in and of itself.

That’s one of the big reasons 2:25AM came to be: to keep all of this tracking for you. I know I’ve said this, like, 800,000 times, but a great thing about 2:25AM is it puts all your materials – cover letters, correspondences, meeting times, resumes, connections – in one place, your career dashboard, and then collects data for you so that you don’t have to build some 89 column algorithm-ridden spreadsheet.

In other words, 2:25AM turns something that was once “easier said than done” into “easier to do.” So, sign up over at our signup site to be one of the first to try out our Beta in April. We think you’ll like what we provide.

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