LinkedIn: Don’t Be Annoying

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.08.50 PMThe job hunt is annoying. One of the most annoying parts of the job hunt is LinkedIn. Well, LinkedIn itself isn’t annoying, but figuring out how to use it productively is. You can’t just post a profile, sit back, and wait for the connections and job offers to come gushing in. In a lot of ways, it’s like a car. If you don’t use it at all, it’ll stop working. If you don’t maintain it, it’ll break down. If you are a good driver and perform routine maintenance, it just might get you somewhere.

But how do you use LinkedIn to your full potential? Bill Murphy (with help from David Gowell, CEO at RockTech) has some tips in his article for Inc: 9 Ways to be Less Annoying on LinkedIn.

There are two big takeaways. First, as Gowell so perfectly puts it, LinkedIn is not the “professional version of Candy Crush.” LinkedIn can be very helpful. Use it right, and it will serve you well in the get-a-job process. But there’s no way to “win” in LinkedIn; there is no magic number of connections or endorsements or recommendations that will get you to your next level. It’s a tool, like a wrench, and the wrench is something you use to make or fix something.

That leads us to our second takeaway: The best use of LinkedIn is for maintaining your established relationships. Sure, you can connect with strangers, but the most valuable connections are likely the ones who know you and your abilities.

And when Gowell and Murphy say to maintain relationships, they don’t just mean on LinkedIn. They promote calling someone on the phone, following up, and using a spreadsheet to track all of your appointments and correspondences. But, golly gosh, does that sound complicated or what? If’n there was only some software application that could do it for you! *Cough* 2:25am! *Cough*

But seriously, that’s what 2:25AM does: we help you keep track of all the annoying, but necessary, stuff – like response time, response rate, next appointment, last contact, etc. – so that you don’t have to. 2:25AM is a tool just like LinkedIn. We can’t ensure your success, but if you use us and maintain your get-a-job transactions right, your job search life will be a whole lot easier today and tomorrow..

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