Networking: It’s About Who You Don’t Know

admin-ajaxWhy is your network important?

That probably seems like a silly question. After all, everyone knows the answer: because it’s about who you know. If you’re being considered for a job and so is someone else who’s equally qualified, then it matters if you know someone at the company who can introduce you with a good word. This can go a long way in keeping your resume near, if not at the top of a pile of indistinguishable resumes.

But networking is about more than harvesting a vast number of first connections. It’s also about their first connections. Or maybe I should say, it’s also about who you don’t know… yet: the second or third degree connections. Don’t overlook the people that you haven’t yet met as they might be just as helpful in you getting a job as your first connections.

Of course, before your first connections start hooking you up with their friends and coworkers, you need to reach out to the right ones and ask for help. Much like a good word could help you get a new job, a good word can also introduce you to some new and valuable connections.

But even still before any of that, you need to determine which connections are likely to be the most meaningful to reach out to. This is why it isn’t only important to have a large network but an organized one. You want your connections in one place, and you want them to be searchable by location and job field, because you’re not looking for just any new connection; you’re looking for one that can guide you in the right direction. It would be challenging, if not overly time consuming, to keep track of a bunch of people across a bunch of social media sites. Moreover, how are you going to stay on top of who you contacted and when?

These questions are answered at 2:25AM: you have an easy to navigate feature that aggregates and sorts all your connections from LinkedIn and Facebook by Industry or Location. So whether you’re looking to meet up with a graphic designer for coffee so you can talk about what it takes to get started or searching for administrative work in Chicago, you can find exactly who can best help simply by clicking on a button. And you can take first action by emailing them directly from your profile page. Whether you attach your resume from your Document Library is up to you; what 2:25AM will do is record that you sent that email and resume on that date and write it into their profile card for you. That’s pretty powerful.

A network is only as strong as it is organized, and an organized network is one poised for growth. That’s what we believe.

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