225AM is like your Trapper Keeper

photo by Jim McDougall  (Creative Commons)
photo by Jim McDougall
(Creative Commons)

Did you have a Trapper Keeper? One of the greatest aggregation tools in scholastic history? I did. And it was awesome. It did the jobs of pencil holder, scheduler, homework recorder, doodle pad, and five notebooks all in one convenient package. And it did it year after year. I just opened the three ring binder, updated the pages from last year’s classes, tossed in some blank sheets, and I was ready to start again fresh. But a Trapper Keeper’s true value was more than its single-source compactness – getting things done seemed easier when my tools were close together. It didn’t just save me space. It saved me time.

225AM is like a Career Information Keeper for the job ‘getting’ process. 225AM will not find the job you want. You’re responsible for that. But we are the one place where you can put everything that you need to get the job so that you don’t need to go digging around in a thousand other tabs and windows to find what you need or remember what you did. 225AM is your ‘getting a job’ information connector and task-minder. And it will be as valuable to you in getting your first job as it will in your next job, and the job after that…

Looking for work is a recurring and long process with many moving parts: parts you move, and parts that are moved by others. 225AM has only one mission. We give you the thoughtful tools and powerful features you need to make the time spent getting the job you want as effective as possible. And we make sure it makes sense. For example, it makes sense to put your connections to job prospects in one place. And it makes sense that you would want to be able to make contact with these connections from that same place. And it makes further sense that, when you’re emailing connections and setting up meetings, you’d need a calendar to keep your tasks and schedule organized. That’s what 225AM does too.

So please, let 225AM connect all these pieces together for you. It works better that way.

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