Facebook: Career Research Site

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 7.19.53 AMI’ve posted on here plenty about why you need to maintain a good-natured social media persona and how easy it is to do so. I’ve even gone so far as to call Facebook a “career site.” But is it really? The answer, according to this infographic from the Undercover Recruiter, seems to be a big NO! In fact, less than 10% of people have ever found a job and been hired by using Facebook.

What’s interesting, though, is that, regardless of this, people still put their professional information on Facebook and use the site to research companies they’re thinking of applying to. And that’s the big word here: research. The job search is not just about uploading a cover letter and resume; you need to learn about your field as a whole and the companies that work in it. Yes, LinkedIn is better for applying to actual jobs than Facebook. But if I want to know about what it means to be a copywriter or designer or science teacher, I’m more likely to message a friend who will give me the whole, honest picture rather than someone I’ve only known professionally. Likewise, if I want to know what a company is really like, it’s important to see how it interacts with its real costumers.

Also, 2:25am syncs with Facebook to import your contacts (if you want it to), but it only really works if people fill in their professional information, so yes, I’m being a little selfish here. Still, I stand by my point: that Facebook may not be a career site, but it still might help you find the right career

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