Good Credit: Not A Job Requirement

2752153842_d9af4da60d_mYou know how when you have bad credit it totally affects your job performance? No, you don’t. Because either a) you don’t have bad credit, or b) you do, and you know that it does absolutely nothing to change the way you go about the day-by-day tasks required of you as an employee. Still, a bad credit history can get between you and gainful employment. But hopefully not for long.

Check out this tiny little article on the New York Times, Employers Shouldn’t Care About Credit Histories. In just four short paragraphs they outline why credit reports can be misleading and who the people are who are trying to take them out of the job application process altogether. So, go ahead, give it a read, and get psyched for a new level of equality for job candidates!

Photo from Flickr user Paul Lowry (Creative Commons)

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