The New York Times just discovered LinkedIn

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 9.08.50 PMHave you guys heard of this site, LinkedIn? Well, the New York Times has! They wrote an article about it… last week? Wait, that can’t be right. It’s nearly 2014 and the New York Times is just getting around to writing an article on LinkedIn and how it works.

But hey, it’s the New York Times, a real actual newsper, so you get a little bit more context than you usually do. For example, they talk to Allen Blue, LinkedIn’s co-founder, and Ted Prodromou, a guy who wrote a book about how to use LinkedIn. Here are a few cool tidbits I took away:

  • For your headline, Prodromou says to ask yourself, “What would you type in, to find you?” which is pretty neat. He also says it’s not cheating to do some research on what other people in your field say in their headlines before writing your own.
  • There are some good practical tips in here too, like this: hover your cursor over your picture, click “Review,” and then adjusting your settings so that you don’t end up emailing all about your “new job” when all you’ve done is capitalize the x in UX designer.
  • They also recommend turning off endorsements, something that never even occurred to me, which is dumb considering how I feel about them.
  • And they cap it all off with some nice stats (which we love here at 2:25). Listen to this: Prodromou, a few months ago, started spending a half-hour a day posting to or updating his LinkedIn profile, resulting in a 140% increase to his page views in the first 10 days, which is not only cool because that’s a big increase, but also because it means the guy who wrote a book about LinkedIn barely spends 30 minutes a day there!

So yeah, not a bad read at all. Check it out! And seriously, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, JUST FRIGGIN’ GET ONE!

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