2:25am: We’ll Track So You Don’t Have To

181833_379774875449199_660953553_aWhen I was applying to jobs directly out of college, I started to wonder if my Internet connection was wired wrong. It seemed like any job application or resume I put out there went not to the company to which I was applying but instead into some sort of digital furnace where they would instantly be incinerated. I almost never heard back, and in the rare cases I did, the response would be some robotic message fired off by an automated application system letting me know they would be moving forward with other candidates.

I couldn’t tell you how many jobs I was applying to each week, and you know what, that was a big problem. I should have been tracking my progress better. I should have built a spreadsheet or kept a list posted on the fridge. Because it can be hard enough to find your way when you can’t see the finish line, but it gets even worse when you lose track of where you started.

That’s one of the main reasons 2:25am came to be: to provide some structure for a process that has all the predictability, vision, and comfort of blindly swinging at a piñata full of money, while standing on a tight rope over the Grand Canyon. You won’t have to worry about keeping track of how much time has gone by between the application and the response or what your success rate is with one cover letter compared to another. We’ll do that for you.

And we’ll also be doing that for everyone else, too, so we’ll be able to show you how your progress compares to that of your peers (anonymously). Is that intimidating? Sure. But it might illuminate some things you hadn’t realized before. If you’re struggling and so is everyone else, maybe that’s just indicative of a tough market, whereas if others applying to similar jobs as you are getting a lot more interviews, then it’s probably time to switch things up a little bit. Like I said, this can be intimidating, but when it comes to the process of getting a job, being dishonest with yourself gets you nowhere.

Of course, until 2:25am launches (soon) it’s spreadsheets and post-its, but get ready to get it together. We’re like a mom in a cluttered dorm room; we’re going to get you organized in ways you never thought possible!

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