Facebook: Career Site

Screen shot 2013-06-19 at 7.19.53 AMFor a long time, Facebook served the very important purpose of being a place where I could post photographs of my cats. Then, one day, everything changed; I took on added responsibility and I started to use Facebook for a totally new purpose: posting photos of the dog I adopted.

What I’m getting at is that, despite all of its potential professional implications, Facebook is still a social media site, designed to be fun and casual. It’s not a career site… or is it?

As I’ve said before, your network doesn’t have to be made up entirely of people you meet in the professional world. You can network with your friends and teammates. And for this reason, it’s really important to keep your professional information up-to-date on Facebook.

Okay, we’ll admit it: part of this is that it makes it easier for us to organize someone’s Facbook connections when they have all their details in there. But don’t just put your info in there for us; do it for yourself. I’m constantly surprised to learn what’s-his-face from college does that or what’s-her-name from high school got involved with that company. I’ve even reached out to a few people when there’s been an opening where I work that I think they might be interested in based on what they’ve been doing on Facebook.

Long story short (or, it’s not that long so pretty short story even shorter), when you put your professional information (job title, company, or at least industry) on Facebook, you never know which of your friends will be in touch to ask you how things are going and maybe even give you the inside scoop on a cool job.

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