Competent Enough?

47104742_5a8a09e736_mIt’s not “college credits.” Sure, that’s what people say, but it’s not technically correct. “College credit hours” is the full phrase, because for a while now, education has been associated with time. No, you can’t earn a degree just by waiting around for a while; if that were the case we’d all have doctorates in DMV and Post Office Studies. Still, the pace of education has long seemed set in stone.

Now, though, things are shifting. A group of education innovators want to make competencies the focus of an education, so that students with some (but not all) college coursework under their belts can earn marketable degrees without quitting their jobs. As the New York Times article on this points out, this idea is very new, not fully developed, and not entirely popular among academics. Still, it’s worth reading up on, because hey, maybe you’re one of those people who wants to finish what you started those many years ago… but not if it takes a solid few years of full-time study.

And if you’re not? If you’re a traditional student or college graduate? Then read it anyway to see how education is changing. Who knows, you might end up back in the classroom someday… that is, if we even still have classrooms by then.

(photo by Flickr user bkRiverdog used under a Creative Commons License.)

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