Tips for the Phone Interview

5856572477_c65a49fd94_mI despise the phone interview.

No, it’s not as intense as a two-day interview loop at some billion dollar tech company, but that almost makes it worse. Because how do you prepare for a phone interview? It’s not a real interview, right? It’s just a little informational hoop that I have to jump through, where the interviewer takes twenty-five minutes to explain the job to me to make sure that I’m still interested. Then he or she asks me a few questions, which I answer with my notes right there on the computer screen! It’s not like the interviewer knows I’m cheating!

Or that’s how I imagine the phone interview going in my head. In reality, the interviewer asks something as simple as, “Why do you want this job?” and I get panicked and click on Word to pull up my notes… which is when my cursor turns into the spinning beach ball of doom, and so I stutter awkwardly through some ill-rehearsed reasons for applying feeling like an idiot. Then I spend the rest of the interview wondering if every little interruption on the line is just static or if the interviewer is sighing with disappointment.

So, you know, it’s tough.

But, luckily not everyone goes into phone interviews as unprepared as me. In fact, the people over at Career Confidential are so prepared, they wrote 37 articles outlining important tips about preparing for the phone interview. They’ll help you stay focused and build up your confidence, but it’s not all touchy-feely stuff like that. They’ll also remind you to check to make sure your voicemail greeting isn’t too embarrassing and help you find a good place to do your phone interview.

It’s a lot of really, really helpful information, and you should read all of it! Or at least enough so you don’t end up like me.

Photo from flickr user Images Money, used under a Creative Commons License

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