Screen shot 2013-08-27 at 9.10.37 PMI hate whenever an old guy (usually an author) comes out with some dumb gripe about how Twitter is the worst thing to happen to all of humanity or about how social networking is eroding the very pillars of adult communication.
I generally side with new technology over staying the course; things working differently doesn’t necessarily mean things getting worse.

But, here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter if it’s not as quick or easy as Facebook or texting, YOU HAVE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL. I put it in all caps because according to this article by the New York Times, college kids don’t think email is important. It’s like the digital answer to letters, and who cares about letters anymore, right? Well, for starters, potential employers and potential connections. They care about cover letters or letters asking for advice or letters accepting employment. And that’s all stuff typically done through email.

So check your email every day. And when you write to a potential employer or connection, be sure to use full sentences and a clear but concise subject line. Because I don’t care if the Times article ends with some professor from the University of North Carolina who gave up on email (His automated response to emails says, “Goodbye E-mail, I’m divsesting,” which could be stated otherwise as, “What’s important to me is looking cooler than everyone else”); email is here to stay (at least for a little while), so check it, check it, CHECK IT!

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