20 somethings: we just don’t get it!

Screen shot 2013-08-14 at 8.26.38 PMHave you read this Forbes article, The 20 Things that 20-Year Olds Don’t Understand by DocStoc’s Jason Nazar? Because you really, really should! In fact, it’s required.

Sure, you might be hesitant to listen to this guy. I know I was. He’s just 5 years removed from being a twenty-something himself, yet he wants to write about twenty-somethings like he’s some sage old man looking down on them from afar? That’s strike one. Then, he decides to open his article with a line like, “I started Docstoc in my 20’s, made the cover of one of those cliché ‘20 Under 20’ lists…” Strike two. And by the way, not only is that a huge humblebrag, it actually doesn’t even make sense. He started something in his 20s and then made a list of people under 20? Is DocStoc a time machine company? Strike three?

Like I said, I was hesitant. Then I read it. And he’s right. About everything.

Seriously, reading down the list, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking, “Ugh! I do that sometimes,” or “Yeah, I have a real problem with that,” or “Wait, am I like that? Oh jeez, I am!” Of course, not everything Jason talks about is brand new. I’ve probably heard most of this stuff a million times in my twenty-something years of life. But for some reason, his way of saying it resonated with me. Maybe because he’s just a good writer. Or maybe it’s what I held against him at first – that he’s just 34. He’s almost a half-decade out of his 20s, which is enough time to reflect, but not enough time for him to be entirely out of touch. The fact that he’s very successful doesn’t hurt either.

Anyway, this is a lot of words to say one simple thing. So here’s the TL;DR: just read it, okay?

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