Work Your Network!

Why is networking so important to 2:25am? Find out here!

6084397625_d4fd382960_qWe’re getting into dangerous territory here with The Undercover Recruiter. If we post another link to their site, we might need to rebrand ourselves as the Official Undercover Recruiter Fan Club. Still, this post, Finally Graduated? How to Turn Your Skills into Assets definitely warrants mention. The whole thing is worth reading, but we want to focus on their second point, “Get to grips with networking.”

In it, the author makes the point that:

While a lot of recruiters probably don’t want you to know this, it’s really the people you know that often gets you into a new job. If someone at a company knows someone who knows you, their boss is much more likely to hire you over a complete stranger.

This part really resonates with us, and by “resonates with us,” I mean, “is the whole reason that 2:25am exists at all.”

A lot of times this concept of “it’s who you know” rubs people the wrong way. For some reason, it’s often assumed that the person with the connections is vastly less qualified than the poor soul who doesn’t know anyone. But this just isn’t the case.

It’s more like this: imagine you’re at a restaurant. You see two things on the menu that you’re equally interested in. You go back and forth and back and forth but you just can’t make up your mind. So what do you do? You tell the server the two dishes you’re deciding between, and he or she gives you a personal recommendation.

Hiring decisions, like all decisions, aren’t always cut and dry. An employer likely isn’t choosing between the person with experience and the person with connections; they’re choosing between people with a similar level of experience, one of whom has someone inside the company who can vouch for him or her.

That’s what we seek to enable at 2:25am. We want you to know where you know people, who they are, and what they do. We want to provide you with one tool to manage everything: your connections, your resumes, your cover letters, your calendar, all of it.

Getting jobs isn’t just about filling out applications anymore. It’s a complicated labyrinth and if you want to navigate it successfully, you’re going to need to stay organized. That’s what 2:25am is here to do. Consider us your planner, your assistant, and your job GPS.

(photo by Flickr user Glenn Batuyong used under a Creative Commons License.)

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