Every Resume is Different

Here, I’ll discuss the importance of tailoring your resume towards the specific jobs you’re applying for.

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 10.16.36 PMThe Blast: (noun) a technique employed by lazy and/or desperate job seekers that involves turning into a volcano and spewing thrown-together boilerplate resumes all over the surrounding landscaping in the hopes that some prospective employer is caught up in the outflow.

The blast is the classic quantity over quality approach. Also, it barely ever works.

Why? Because, as the Undercover Recruiter points out, every job is different. The job you’re applying for will dictate what you want to highlight about yourself, what you want to minimize, what you want to leave out entirely, what you want to say in your objective, and what tone you want to wrap the whole thing up in. So, instead of throwing the same bland resume at a bunch of widely-varying employers, build “a master resume”: one resume that you can mold and shape to suit your needs.

With that being said, one thing should be consistent across all resumes; they shouldn’t go longer than two pages. Jeff Newman of The Undercover Recruiter, Donna Svei of AvidCareerist, and many other extremely intelligent and important people around the internet agree: keep it concise! Because while a novel-length resume might show that you have a lot of experience, it also shows that you’re lacking critical workplace skills and traits, such as self-editing, triage, and humility.

Be sure to read over the whole Undercover Recruiter post for more great ideas on how to build your resume effectively.

2 thoughts on “Every Resume is Different”

  1. I like this and included it as related material on a post yesterday! Thank you for the information…


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