Your Resume: What to Leave Out

4323440560_4c6a9f7c7c_mIn many ways a resume is like a mystery novel. You need to lay down enough clues for a potential employer to pick you, the correct suspect, from a lineup of your peers.

Equally important to what you choose to include, though, is what you decide to leave out. Nobody wants to read a mystery novel flooded with information where the important stuff is indiscernible from the unnecessary details. Likewise, there is a point where the job recruiter is going to stop reading your resume and simply move on to the next one because you’ve loaded it with too much fluff.

So then what should you leave out? Plenty of stuff, but the Undercover Recruiter has put together a nice little top 10 list photo. Some things are obvious: for example, it’s never a good idea to “include” bad grammar on your resume. Others, such as #1 (don’t include a nonsensical objective) and #3 (don’t include achievements that don’t matter), will require some careful thought. How can you accurately yet succinctly summarize your objective? What is an appropriate “achievement” to put on your resume?

#4 on the list, which says to avoid providing a physical description or image of yourself on your resume, was of interest to me, considering how highly I spoke of LinkedIn’s inclusion of a profile picture. Still, I have to agree with the Undercover Recruiter on this one. LinkedIn is a social media platform used to build connections and maintain a personal but professional presence on the internet. Your resume, on the other hand, is a data set, designed to get to the point, which is that you’re the one for the job, and nobody should be hiring you based on how you look.

So, go ahead take a look at the list and let us know your take in the comments. What should you include on your resume? What should you leave out?

(photo by Flickr user Billy Brown used under a Creative Commons License.)

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